Zodiac Buzzed: Astrology Games Meet Drinking Games

Are you tired of the same old drinking games? I was, too. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy party games, but you never actually learn about the people you’re playing with. Zodiac Buzzed changes the playing field, with astrology games for adults that also get you buzzed.

How Zodiac Buzzed Came to Life: I Couldn’t Find Astrology Games 

Drunken Decks (my company) was created as a pure coincidence. I was in my last semester in college (University of Scranton), and I was at a party. My friends were playing the traditional party games, and somehow, we got on the topic of astrology.

Well, one thing turned into another, and the next thing I knew, I was defending astrology. You see, there are facts and opinions on astrology, and you just need to know how to interpret them to really value it.

When I got home, I Googled “astrology card game,” and there was nothing. I expected to find some fun astrology games, but since there were none, I created Zodiac Buzzed.

And you’re going to love my bar-in-a-box concept.

Drinking board games are often the pregame, but Zodiac Buzzed is different.

We’re Different: It is Time for New, Fun Drinking Games

What’s your zodiac sign? If you know the answer to this question, you know that there’s some truth to these signs. Capricorns are extremely stubborn, but they’re also loyal. Your sign has its own traits that make it deeply personal.

Zodiac Buzzed is personalized, based on your sign, and we make every game the main event of the party.

Our game isn’t just your ordinary game that you buy off Amazon, play once and throw into your pile of drinking board games. Zodiac Buzzed offers:

  • Dynamic game mechanics, making every game unique
  • Teams that are based on your zodiac sign and birthday
  • Dozens of challenges 
  • Built-in drinking games, including beer pong, charades, Karaoke battles, never have I ever and more.
  • Team battles, tons of drinking for challenger round losers and a nighttime of laughs.

We don’t want you to bring one or two people along to the party, although you can play in small groups. Zodiac Buzzed is designed to be played with up to 24 players and has over 150 cards that will bring you closer to your zodiac sign than you ever imagined.

You'll uncover your quirks, why zodiac signs have some validity and challenge others – all while getting your buzz on.

We went through several prototypes before finding one that we were happy to reveal to the world. And after five months, we finally landed on the prototype that we want to share with the world.

Bringing Zodiac Buzzed is only possible with your help and support.

If you can, we ask you to support our Kickstarter campaign and help us bring Zodiac Buzzed to the masses. It's time for the world to get back to drinking and socializing, and we hope that this is one of many zodiac games to help you get your buzz on in a new, fun and exciting way.