Join the Zodiac buzzed party!

The Card game that leaves you seeing stars. 

Zodiac Buzzed is a 2 - 20 player astrology drinking game that lets you
embrace your zodiac sign and get drunk while doing it. 

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About the Game

Zodiac Buzzed, the first edition, is a drinking game where friends and family challenge each other using their zodiac signs. The game contains 150 cards which consist of 4 Element Decks, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and the Zodiac Challenger Cards. Players are separated into teams based on their Zodiacs signs element, represented on the 4 Element Decks.

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Zodiac Buzzed

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What’s inside the newest party game

Three stages of the game 

Drinking Rounds 

Each element deck is full of personalized statements, action cards, and dares based on your zodiac sign personality traits. If the Element card statement is true or the player can not perform the task, they take a DRINK.

Zodiac Challenger rounds 

A player chooses two teams to battle in the zodiac challenger rounds. The chosen teams will choose a player to represent them and battle the opposing player. The winner of the zodiac challenge gains 1 point for the team. The losing team players all have to take one drink.

Team immunity rounds 

Once the first team gets their 5 Zodiac Challenger points, they receive immunity and win the game. Afterward, the immunity rounds begin. The team with the least amount of points at the end of the game does not receive immunity. The whole nature team is penalized for not receiving immunity and has to take five shots to finish at the end of the game.

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